Обложка книги S. Marshak The Rainbow Book

Samuil Marshak

The Rainbow Book

Verses for children

Translated from the Russian by Dorian Rottenberg.

Drawings by Mai Miturich



Printed in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Примеры иллюстраций


- материалы о М.П. Митуриче

For this book M. Miturich received a siver medal at the International Book Illustrators Exhibition held in Leipzig, 1965.

Обложка книги S. Marshak The Rainbow Book

Look how they laugh, these children, listening to Marshak's tales about the bad-mannered bearcub and the piglets who wanted to look grown-up. Who wouldn't love to romp in a garden with the bumpety ball or visit Marshak's circus with its

A troupe of juggling bearcubs,
Squirrel acrobats,
Jumbo, tightrope-walker,
Chorus-singing cats. .. .

All these and many other stories in verse are included in The Rainbow Book by Samuil Marshak (1887-1964), a well-known Soviet poet, one of the founders of Soviet literature for children. In this book, Marshak collected his favourite verses written at different periods of his life. The drawings are by the talented artist Mai Miturich. As Marshak himself once said, "there could hardly be anything more attractive than these pictures". The Rainbow Book received a first-degree diploma at the All-Russia book contest, as well as several prizes at exhibitions abroad.


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